Published 14.8 2015

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Here are (quite a) few comments from happy customers (mainly). Padlette is the gadget you would take with you to a desert island!

“Should be a standard accessory on all tablets.”

“This is the cat’s ass!! It really works!”

“This is a great handle without adding much bulk and it fits over my gumdrop case. I love it. “

“Perfect for in bed or anywhere you need a grip. Put on and remove in seconds, great for anyone looking for a handle without having a bulky case, cover, etc. You can hold it 10 different ways easily.”

“Friend had one, loved it, couldn’t wait to get mine”.

“Such a simple, smart, handy little thing. Thank you”

“I love this thing. I am now going to buy the small one for my Nook Color. My hand doesn’t cramp up any more.”

“I love it!!! I’m using it right now on my kindle!!!”

“Very functional and durable. Several iPad users have inquired regarding acquiring it.”

“Makes my tablet very easy to hold without fear off dropping. Terrific!”

“Great for the classroom”

“Great Product… Works great. Did not want to change iPad case to case with a hand strap. Easy to attach. Love this…..”

“A great product. Makes the ipad as near to perfect as possible. “

“This is the best purchase so far for my iPad. Reading is so much easier for me now. I have some arthritis in my fingers and it’s very difficult to read for very long. The Padlette lets me read for longer periods of time in comfort. The Padlette makes carrying my iPad so much easier and safer. I will be ordering a couple more in the near future.”

“Nifty little gadgets!”

“Works great! No slippage, easy to take on and off – which is important since my iPad will not fit into my iHome dock with the Padlette on. I have arthritis in my hands and the Padlette allowes a wide range of positions to hold my iPad securely. Thanks for a great accessory! “

“Love this handle works perfect “

“Good quality and works great plus a very reasonable price. I’m worried it may stretch out over time which is why I waited to leave feedback but its holding up great and it’s very comfortable.”

“Great idea for Kindle or mini tablet! I love it and it arrived in 2 days! Great service from the seller.”

“Love it! Don’t get tired to hold ipad mini. And don’t worr y about dropping or slipping out of hands.”

“I love it and I am going to buy another one for another device.”

“Very different”

“Great for letting wall around in class taking attendance and checking in assignments. No worries about my ipad slipping out of my hand, and either orientation is comfortable. No more twisting my wrist around to hold while typing, playing or reading!”

“Buy one of these gadgets. They’re great!”

“I saw this product being used at the auto show & asked about it. I ordered them that same evening. I love it, I don’t have to worry about my IPad slipping from my grasp. The seller & customer service were great & very quick.”

“I really liked the Padlette it even fits over my skin that I purchased as well. This setup will work great with my presentations. C”

“LOVE this product. I have one of my own. Buying this one for my sister to use with her iPad. I broke the screen on my iPad due to my arm being bumped and the iPad flying and hitting the tile floor. I bought this. You can carry your iPad with one finger and not fear dropping it. And it is great to take the strain off hands and arms when holding it for long periods of time.”

“Love it! No case anymore CID it sits on rubber edges. “

“This thing allows me a greater ease of use. I highly recommend it to any ipad or tablet owner.”

“Wow… just what i was looking for! I use my iPad while relaxing on sofa or in bed, and I needed something that I could hold in various ways, without comprising the screen view or the safety of the iPad (i.e. dropping it!) Love the product, shipping was quite fast and appropriate! thx!”

“Item is exactly as pictured. It really grips the iPad well. It is a little tight but I like the versatility of being able to hold it multiple ways. It also easily removes when I need to put on the case and its slim design fits well in my iPad bag.”

“Great product! Fast shipping!! Highly recommended!!!”

“I love the padlette. I don’t have to worry anymore about dropping my ipad”

“Works exactly as described. Allows numerous hand positions to allow you to find a comfortable position for any situation.”

“I dropped my iPad and broke the display. It was costly to repair since it wasn’t a warranty issue. It got knock out of my hand when my hand bumped a chair. I went looking for a “handle” that would be lightweight and give me a firmer grip. Amazon had just what I wanted and it works just like I imagined. Now it won’t be jostled when carrying it. Great service and product.”

“I am pleased with the Padlette. I have a smart cover front & back & I can put it over the back cover. I use it to teach so all I have to do is remove the top cover while I use it, when finished I just remove it & put my smart cover back on. It’s flat so I can store it in my case with the iPad 2. “

“No regrets with this product, it started working from the moment I started using it with my ipad 2 great product. I like it. :)”

“Highly recommend. Makes the iPad so much easier to use without fear of dropping.”

“One of these was a gift, the other one I purchased as a second one for myself. If someone has their hands occupied as I do (walker) the padlette is an essential part of an iPad. Its a small price to pay for the security of carrying you unit.”

“Sent promptly. Product was exactly as described. I use my iPad 2 in a hospital setting and this has definitely made it easier to carry. I would recommend the padlette to others.”

“Very neat product! Quality material, good pricing and fast delivery. Thank you!”

Thanks folks. Padlette rules!

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